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Meet the team:

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Alecia Jeston

Alecia is our leading certified EAL Facilitator, qualified Horticulturist & passionate yoga & meditation enthusiast. Urban Connection is where all her passions merge. Throughout her career, Alecia has traveled between Australia & Europe studying commercial Horticultural practices to assist in the development of her Australian teams and to coach upcoming leaders. Her passion and ability for sharing & passing on knowledge is infectious. Having grown up with horses; training, competing, and riding in Sydney & Scotland, Alecia always acknowledged the strong link between horses and her own personal development. As a form of relaxation and fitness, Alecia practices yoga and meditation to keep a calm, relaxed mind.

In 2016, the concept of Urban Connection was born – bringing horses, plants and yoga together. Whilst all completely unique, they contain the same parallel core values of personal growth & development. During the following years, Alecia focused on developing her horsemanship & Therapeutic Horticulture skills. In 2017 Alecia extended her qualifications and became a certified Equine Assisted Learning facilitator with Equine Connection – The Academy of Equine Assisted Learning.

Outside of work, Alecia is passionate about sustainable horticulture including learning new methods and skills to implement on the farm. She enjoys growing a full range of flowers, veggies, and fruit trees for the family. Alecia also enjoys developing her Horsemanship skills with her young filly; she loves caring for the animals, but nothing beats coming home to her loving husband and daughter Lilija Kay.

A buckskin pony


Clippy is our cheeky, chatty little leprechaun. He is an Irish pony (Connemara) cross Thoroughbred. Clippy is short for Eclipse, as he was born on an eclipse & he has a white half-moon on his forehead.

He has enjoyed a life of Eventing & Showjumping, Clippy now loves a good trail ride & spending time with people in the EAL arena.

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Casper is a white Quarter Horse, has a very caring and nurturing personality. Previously he has had western training in his younger days, more recently Casper, as an older gentleman, has been enjoying a relaxed life on the Central Coast & is now sharing his wisdom with others doing EAL.


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