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Newcastle & Port Stephens Therapeutic Gardening


Our Philosophy

Therapeutic Horticulture, also known as ‘Social’ or ‘Experiential’ horticulture is a fun, interactive and rejuvenating experience that focuses on the mind and body through gardening & plant-based activities.

We can enjoy beauty in the gardens throughout the seasons, grow food and work collectively in a safe space that facilitates connection and purpose.

Therapeutic Horticulture is a scientifically proven approach to human well being. It encourages physical, mental and social development.

Participants engage in objectively driven exercises and find themselves learning valuable life skills in a fun and hands-on atmosphere.

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Working with nature

Plants are just one part of nature, they were here years before humans and have made many adaptions over time. We too can learn to adapt and grow depending on our environment.

Over time we have learnt how to influence plant growth, however in the end pre-determined factors will decide when they shoot, grow, flower or defoliate.  So in the end, it is about how we work together and accommodate the needs of the environment around us.

Our passionate and qualified Horticulturist has spent over 17 years in commercial horticulture, specializing in growing techniques, propagation & potting mixes.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience, programs are developed specifically for individual or group requirements.

We Invite you to join us in the garden









Self Sustainable

Seasonal Program

Grow from the roots up and learn about seasonal requirements for your edible garden.

The seasonal program covers everything from design concept, soil preparation and composting, plant sourcing & requirements to harvest and preserving.

We cover new topics every week according to the season, allowing gardeners to build year-round knowledge with the ability to create a self sustaining garden at home.


    • Programs are run in 12 week blocks, in line with the seasons.
    • Single class passes are also available if you would like to try a single session.














We would like to invite you to join us in the gardens.  The benefits of spending time in nature are well known for promoting a sense of relaxation and restoration.

In our Aromatic Gardening programs, we explore plants that bring various benefits to your wellbeing and how they can be incorporated into your garden.

We explore different ways these plants can be used and their individual properties.

This workshop is all about finding plants and that make you feel great.


  • Programs are run once a month or by demand














A garden can provide wellness on many levels.  When we connect with nature we are nurturing and enhancing our wellbeing on 4 different levels:

    • Mental
    • Emotional
    • Physical
    • Spiritual

As one of our participants said: “You are too busy focusing & enjoying the moment that you forget everything else that’s going on around you.”

Our Mindful garden activities include:

  • Restorative sessions with aromatic plants.
  • Creative workshops with cut & dried florals.
  • Creative workshops with living plants and flowers.




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