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This was the best experience! Thankyou  for creating this wonderful space for us to relax, learn and grow!  We got so much more than we ever expected!! The equine assisted learning topped off the conference with an unexpected look into ourselves in a most empowering and beautiful way!! Feeling so blessed. Ready to go live our best lives and make a difference in the world!! Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou 

Kelli Wilkins

Arbonne Australia

Team Achieving Goals

Communication with horses, problem-solving within nature – Who would have thought we could learn so much from plants & animals. Our leadership & team building activities are fun & interactive. Activities are objective-driven and require participants to listen, communicate, problem solve & negotiate.

By developing these skills, we aim to optimize team performance with improved understanding and collaboration. Our activities can provide managers and teams the opportunity to align their innate desire for a strong performance with actual results.

Our Leadership & Teambuilding programs are designed to be flexible to meet your individual business needs. Whether it is a lack of teamwork, improved communication, or customer relations, we work with you to tailor our programs and meet your requirements.

Top Programs

Blind Man’s Adventure – Trust & Relationships

  • Support & encouragement
  • Understand the importance of mutual trust & respect
  • Appreciate teammates when they need help
  • Develop confidence in each other

WHY – Provides teams with a number of different opportunities to develop communication skills, especially oral skills (and listening skills).  Participants will understand that TRUST and respect may be two small words with simple definitions however, there’s no such thing as communication without the presence of TRUST and mutual respect. If one doesn’t listen to the other they can’t TRUST or respect.

Planning For Survival – Communication & Planning

  • Develop a plan

  • Adapt & negotiate
  • Appreciate teammates perspective
  • Develop confidence in each other

WHY – Provides teams a great opportunity to collaborate, understand different values and incorporate those values into a collective design.  Participants will understand that each value and perspective is important and sometimes small sacrifices and negotiations result in the greater good of the outcome.

A team gardening together

Who’s The Brain – Articulation & Active Listening

  • Responsibilities of being a leader
  • Hearing, listening & doing
  • Appreciation of teammates efforts & value they bring to the team
  • Develop Confidence in each other

WHY – Strengthen the data retrieval mechanism, from hearing – to listening – to doing.  Combined with the development of thinking outside the box when searching for ways to alter communication and understand the importance each person plays in our ability to communicate effectively. 

Three people standing with horse


We work with 2 core programs – Equine Assisted Learning, Experiential Horticulture. Each program is designed to deliver different core objectives and focus on specific skills.


  • Building Relationships
  • Body Language
  • Communication
  • Trust
  • Listening & Articulation
  • Negotiation
  • Leadership & Teamwork


  • Observation Skills
  • Problem Solving
  • Decision Making
  • Time Management & Planning
  • Listening & Articulation
  • Dealing with failure
  • Leadership & Teamwork

What to expect

Tailored programs developed according to your company vision, goals & requirements!

Meet objectives identified by you!

A team that communicates and works well together!


Setting Achievable team goals

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