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hugging a horse
Ladies in a yoga class in a park

When experiences become Skills for Life

Genuine & Authentic

Welcome to
Urban Connection
Life Skills

Here at Urban Connection Life Skills we build a range of life & leadership skills in an environment that supports re-connection within ourselves & others through experiential & sensorial learning.

Our teachers are horses, we grow through nature and our learning is through discovery.

We recognise that everyone learns & experiences growth in their own way.

We work with horses because they give instant and honest feedback to the stimulus they receive, with a trained facilitator, this provides a window into our own behaviour.

Therapeutic Horticultural activities help improve memory, cognitive abilities, task initiation, language skills and socialisation in a sensorial environment.



“This is the absolute platinum program about life skills that I have done in my working career.”

Demet Bolen-Osan

“If you ever get the chance to learn from Horses, take it!! Such transformational personal development in the most profound way.¬†¬†

Kelli Wilkins – Arbonne Australia